Space is the area in which an artwork is organized. It encompasses the area with, outside of, and around the work of art. Using scale, overlapping, placement, atmosphere and other devices of perspective, you will create landscapes of the future, based on what you predict a place might be like in 100 years from now.


Jenny Odell uses Google Earth to find and manipulate images to tell a story.


  • Choose a real place. It could be a city, beach, amusement park, underwater, another planet—it should be a place that actually exists.
  • Research this place. Who and what lives there? What features and characteristics does it have? What's the weather like? How does it maintain itself as a system (inputs, outputs, etc.)?
  • Imagine what this place might be like 100 years from now, given current conditions like population, migration, climate change, technology, etc.) Brainstorm and record your ideas on paper through sketching, writing, or both.
  • Collect images that represent your location, keeping an eye out for large images to use as your background.
  • Onto your landscape's background, you'll place images that represent features from your research. You can copy and paste or save and drag these onto your background, depending on the program or app you're using. It's important to use an app that lets you stack layers and manipulate each one separately. Be sure to collect images that represent how your landscape will have changed over 100 years.
  • Now it is time to select just the parts of your feature layer that you want and delete or erase what you don't. Also, change the scale of each layer so that it appears to recede into the background (smaller) or advance to the foreground (larger). This will add depth to your landscape.
  • You can distort, change opacity, darkness, lightness, color or even blur your layers/features to add 3D and futuristic effects.
  • Save your image as a JPEG or PNG with a descriptive title.

view view

Student Artwork, Lincoln High School, San Francisco, CA


Adobe Photoshop Elements



PIXLR Editor


  • Describe the space you created and what happened over the next 100 years to account for it.
  • How did you create the illusion of depth in your piece?
  • Select a classmate's landscape and create a story based on its content.
  • Share your finished landscape online and tag #ArtSchoolElements.