Create a concept map that describes your routine at a selected time of day, exploring both shape and symbols for your experiences.

  • Think about your favorite time of day (early morning, twilight, dusk, noon, or lunch!)
  • Brainstorm and sketch shapes associated with that time (moon, coffee mug, etc.)


Consider artwork by Chris Johanson and Wendy Macnaughton and watch the videos about the work. Are their shapes organic or geometric?

Extension: Practice drawing a coffee cup with Wendy Macnaughton in the video below or make a Venn diagram of your favorite things in this Art School video with Chris Johanson.


  • What time of day did you choose as your favorite? What symbol will you use to represent this time? It can be literal (sun = morning, moon = night, etc.) but try expanding your associations with your chosen time to come up with more creative, personal symbols (morning = coffee cup, night = pillow). Remember, these are your symbols, and they only have to make sense to you. If you desire, you can include a code in your map to make the symbology more mysterious.
  • Place the symbol for your time of day in the center of the paper, allowing for room to branch off in all directions. These will be the branches of your main idea.
  • Think of your daily routines associated with this time of day. Your concept map or "mind map" will document the specific symbols that you associate with this time. Let your mind flow, like a stream of consciousness, as you start drawing branches that lead to illustrated symbols of these routines (riding a bike to school or work, breakfast, a special tree you sit under, etc.)
  • You may vary your line weight, shape and color to emphasize the relationships between and intensity associated with these aspects of your day.
  • You can also use line weight to emphasize importance. Use color to suggest mood.


Google Drawing


Sketchpad 3.5


  • What symbols did you use to map out your time of day?
  • How did you decide to connect them? Did anything surprise you?
  • Was there another student who chose your time of day? If so, what kinds of symbolic shapes did s/he use and how do they compare or differ from yours?
  • Post your concept map online and tag #ArtSchoolElements.