Welcome to the KQED Art School eBook, The 7 Elements of Art. Make your way through the videos and art projects in each chapter, learn about each element of visual art, and develop a portfolio of digital and studio artwork.


  • Learn how artists use line in self portraits for expression
  • Photo scavenger hunt for different line types
  • Create line drawings of a personal object
  • Make a playlist of songs and draw lines to the music

Lines can be heavy, delicate, curvy, straight, zig-zag, thick, thin, etc. In this video, see how artists use line to create an expressive nature in their work, particularly with self portraiture.

To outwit the calamities, I have learned to formulate a partnership with spontaneity. Allowing limitations to become idea generators instead of idea killers means opening oneself up to creative solutions we might ordinarily never have known, nor anticipated.
—Arno Rafael Minkkinen